margaret addison

writer of the rose simpson mystery series

Margaret Addison

I was inspired to write my own murder mystery, "Murder at Ashgrove House", after directing Agatha Christie's "The Hollow" play for Exeter Drama Company.

I have always loved murder mysteries set in country houses during the Golden Age of Crime era where the murders were not too graphic and the main aim was to try and work out the murderer by identifying a handful of carefully hidden clues and of course dodging the red herrings.

In the Rose Simpson Mysteries I aim to give sufficient clues whereby an eagle-eyed reader may be able to work out who the murderer is, but for it not to be too easy. I also want my books to be an enjoyable read for those readers who just enjoy reading murder mysteries.

Listen here to a five minute interview with me.

Watch here for a short product trailer for the audio version of Ashgrove House, the first book in the Rose Simpson Mysteries series.